Men save bald eagles from drowning in Alabama

    Photo: WBMA

    WEISS LAKE, Ala. (WBMA) - Eagles are a symbol of American freedom, but this past weekend two of the birds needed to be freed themselves.

    Lee Pitts got a call about some trouble in the waters of Weiss Lake, Alabama over the weekend. He found two bald eagles struggling to survive.

    "The eagles had been tangled up for quite some time, so they were really on their last breath," Pitt said.

    Out in the water, Pitts extended a net hoping to free the eagles.

    "It really just gave them the opportunity to help untangle themselves without us having to be hands on and touch the birds," Pitts explained. "One of the birds had enough strength it hopped up on my buddy Mark McCaig's boat. It hopped up on his boat and so the bird was standing on the back deck of his boat."

    The two men used their boats to usher the birds back to the bank.

    "It's kind of our duties as outdoorsmen and sportsmen, when you see something in need like that, you know you gotta take the time and do something to help them out," Pitts said, "at least give them a chance to try to make it."

    Pitts says it's not uncommon to see different species of birds including bald eagles near Weiss Lake. However, he says he hopes people remember to respect the wild animals and their environment.

    Bald eagles are no longer considered endangered, but they are protected under the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

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