Orionid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend, here's how to watch the show

(Fox 17 News)

The Orionid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend -- and with clear skies, many skywatchers are in for quite the show!

The Orionids are formed from the debris of Halley's comet. They are set to peak in the early morning hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Orionid meteors are known for their brightness and for their speed. These meteors are fast -- they travel at about 148,000 mph (66 km/s) into the Earth's atmosphere." -NASA

NASA says to look near Orion's club in the hours before dawn, well after the moon sets. NASA predicts you may see up to 10 to 15 meteors per hour.

How To Watch

  • No need to bring a telescope to see the light show -- just make sure to get away from city and street lights.
  • Bring a blanket, sleeping bag or lawn chair
  • Lie flat on your back on the ground
  • Place feet facing southeast if you are in the Northern Hemisphere or northeast if you are in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Look up and take in as much as the sky as possible.
  • Allow around 30 minutes or less for your eyes to get adjusted to the dark
  • Be patient, NASA says the show will last until dawn, so there's plenty of viewing time
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