Anti-Trump truck with obscene quotes spotted in Ohio and Kentucky

Anti-Trump truck with obscene quotes spotted around the Tri-State (Twitter: @Dubbl7s)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A red truck with an anti-Trump message and obscene quotes from President Trump on the sides has been spotted around the Tri-State.

One person submitted photos to WKRC saying he spotted the truck at Reading and Galbraith roads. Another man said he saw the truck, which has Kentucky plates, in Northern Kentucky.

The back of the truck has white letters that say "F--- Trump" and each side of the truck has a quote from Trump that is sexual in nature.

"She was married, but I tried to f--- her. Moved on her like a bi--- but couldn't get there," -Your President
"Just grab 'em by the pu---" -Your President

The truck also features an upside down American flag in the back windshield.

Earlier this month, a Texas woman featured an anti-Trump message on her truck. She later added a similar message about her local sheriff who tried to charge her for disorderly conduct.

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