Close to 500 semi-trucks expected for 'slow-roll' protest Thursday on I-465

    Traveling to Indianapolis Thursday? Maybe think twice about that, as close to 500 semi-trucks are expected to participate in a "slow-roll" protest on I-465, according to our affiliate WANE.

    Our source says the protest is scheduled for 11 a.m. The trucks will circle I-465 twice.

    According to officials, the protest was formed because of regulations that were put in place in 2017 that require truck drivers to use an electronic logging device that tracks hours traveling on the road.

    Drivers say these devices have forced them to have less time to deliver products where they need to go, according to our source.

    WANE says ISP issued a statement about the protest that you can read below:

    The organization reached out to our Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division. They have told us they will obey traffic laws, they will not occupy the left lane and they will try to leave enough gaps between the trucks to allow traffic to safely merge on and off the interstate.

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