DNR map highlights potential morel mushroom hunting locations

MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU)-- Are you on the hunt for morel mushrooms? The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a map that can help guide mushroom seekers to potential starting spots.

The DNR says the interactive Mi-Morels Map has been updated to help mushroom hunters on their quest for morels.

The areas shown on the map are prescribed burn locations where there were fires greater than 10 acres in size, the DNR says. The fires were either wildfires or prescribed burns that happened in 2016. Each dot on the map provides the total acreage of the fire and the latitude and longitude coordinates.

Morel mushrooms commonly sprout in locations burned by wildfires or prescribed burns with a forested covertype; grass or sunlit open settings are less likely to produce the tasty fungi.

The DNR says morel mushrooms are also more likely to grow in burned areas where jack, white, or red pine once grew.

To view the interactive map, CLICK HERE.

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