'It's all about saving a life': Warsaw is next city to install baby box, 9th in Indiana

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    Warsaw is the next city to officially be getting a baby box!

    The City Council unanimously voted in favor of it tonight (Tuesday). This location will be the 9th baby box in Indiana.

    The baby box will be installed at Warsaw Fire Station 2.

    It will be going in on the side of the building and will allow a woman to safely give up her baby anonymously.

    “I’m happy that we are providing it,” said Joe Thallemer, Warsaw Mayor.

    It wasn’t just the board in favor -- people in the community came to podium to express their desire for the addition.

    “Now whenever someone drives by Station 2, they’re going to see this box and it’s going to be a constant reminder of the Safe Haven Law,” said Monica Kelsey, CEO and Founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

    It’s a law that allows mothers to surrender their baby anonymously within 45 days of birth.

    Two mothers in the last week called the baby box hotline number asking where to surrender their babies, one in Kosciusko County and one in Whitley County.

    “If that’s not an indication that this is needed here, then I don’t know what is,” said Kelsey.

    The nearest baby box was over 40 miles away from the Whitley County woman, so she was directed to a local hospital.

    With fear of being recognized, she refused to do that.

    That’s when emergency personnel met her in a Walmart parking lot to help her remain completely anonymous.

    “Seeing that these women want 100% anonymity, the boxes give that,” said Kelsey.

    Now one will be in Warsaw.

    "I’m really hopeful that we never need to use it, I don’t view it as a badge of honor but I really view it as a service we are providing our community," said Thallemer.

    The service is helping to protect both the mother and the baby, because in the end, it’s all about saving a life.

    The box is funded by community partners. Installation will begin after the alarm system is added to the fire station.

    Until it’s built, you can call or text the baby box hotline number at 1-866-99BABY1.

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