KDPS working to identify dead woman found

The body of a woman was found in the woods near the Park of Kalamazoo on Sunday. (File - WWMT)

The identity of a young woman found dead in the woods Sunday in the West Douglas neighborhood of Kalamazoo remains a mystery.

Newschannel 3's Rachel Glaser reported on the suspicious death investigation.

Sources close to the investigation say it looks like murder, but police have not said if the case has been upgraded from a suspicious death to a homicide investigation.

A black woman between the age of 16 and 24-years-old was found dead at the edge of the woods, down below a steep drop off.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Captain Shannon Bagley said, “We've heard from nobody.”

Bagley says no one has come forward looking for a loved one matching the victim's description in the suspicious death investigation and local missing persons reports haven't turned up any leads either.

He said, “We are also reaching out to other area jurisdiction to see if they have some that is missing that would be matching those physical characteristics.”

Investigators say the body was found at least partially clothed with no obvious signs of significant injury, such as from say a gun or a knife.

It's still unclear where, when, and how the woman died.

Bagley said, “A lot of that stuff is going to be very relevant and specific to the investigation so we don't want to jeopardize anything.”

At the Park of Kalamazoo, investigators bagged a number of items found in and around the woods as evidence.

A couple found the woman dead in the woods Sunday while walking the trails on a warm winter afternoon,

Capt. Shannon Bagley said, “They just happened upon the body

Investigators say the body was not buried or well-hidden. Still sifting through any physical or DNA evidence left behind at the scene, investigators say they are just starting a lengthy process in determining what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call KDPS at (269) 337-8994 or Silent Observer at (269) 343-2100.

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