Reward increased in the "kicked puppy" investigation

Reward increased to $15,000

The Toledo Area Humane Society is sweetening the pot in the case of the "kicked" puppy.

On Tuesday TAHS said the reward has grown to $15,000.

The increase is due to a donor contributing an additional $5,000 to the already existing $10,000 reward.

May 25 TAHS received a three month old, black and brown female puppy in dire need of medical attention.

According to the Good Samaritan who intervened and rescued the puppy said the canine was being kicked around by a group of “kids” in an alley off of Dorr Street in Toledo.

Upon arrival it was discovered she had sustained a broken back, broken ribs and internal injuries.

The puppy ultimately died to the severity of the sustained injuries.

TAHS is still looking for information regarding the case.

No one has yet come forward to identify who owned the puppy.

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