Maryland package thief trips over big-screen TV, can't jam it into getaway car

    Package thief trips over big-screen TV, attempting to jam into getaway car. (Photo: Prince George's County Police Department)

    Gather around the TV, it happened, yet again. A package thief in Fort Washington got away with a huge prize: a huge 4K TV.

    Throughout the holiday season, porch pirates are generally known for their grab and go. However, for one package thief that was recently caught on camera, the grab and go was a serious struggle for him.

    Prince George's County police have released video showing a silver car waiting in the driveway of a Fort Washington home. As the video does not particularly show what exactly attracted the thief to the package, it does show, however, him going towards the TV to swipe it off of the porch.

    While swiping the package off of the porch, the thief tripped over the big box and fell right on top of the television, which fell on the ground. It is unclear on whether or not the television was damaged from the fall.

    After several attempts to get the TV in the the trunk, the porch pirate settled with jamming it inside the backseat of the car, only to drive off with both the rear passengers door and trunk open.

    While videos like this can be at least somewhat humorous, for those who have been targeted as victims of porch pirating, it is the complete opposite.

    Throughout the holiday season, police are reminding those with large, expensive, or any online purchase to try preventative measures to ensure your deliveries are safe:

    • In store, pickup orders
    • Requiring a signature for delivery
    • Delivery instructions to hide packages from view
    • Amazon or Package Delivery locker

    While camera systems and video doorbells may do the trick, its only a matter or time before a porch pirate makes off with another one of your purchases.

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