Contest Winners

    Garth Brooks Concert Tickets 9/14/2018
    Prize Winner: Ed Witucki

    Addison Agen Concert Tickets from The Lerner Theatre 3/9/2018
    Prize Winner: Rosalie Lauer

    Davis Chocolate's For the Love of Chocolate Quiz 8/1/17
    Prize Winner: Jaime Hensley

    Home Comfort Experts Spring Give-a-Way 4/20/17
    Prize 1: Robert Pendergrass
    Prize 2: Joe Garstecki

    Dairy Queen's $5 Buck Lunch All Day Bracket Challenge
    Prize 1: Karen Seager 03/14/17
    Prize 2: Julia Norris 3/20/17
    Prize 3: Stephanie McDonald 3/27/17
    Prize 4: Clarence Nance 4/3/17

    Hopman Jewelers' Valentine's Day Sweepstakes 2/14/17
    Prize 1: Jennifer Hinton Dunderman
    Prize 2: Carolyn Schori
    Prize 3: Heather Lockridge

    Fox Michiana's Saint Mick $500 Giveaway

    Four semi finalists:
    1: Keely Anthony 12/26/16
    2: Yusef Barnes 12/27/16
    3: Heather Tucker 12/28/16
    4: Rick Rembold 12/29/16

    Grand Prize Winner:
    Keely Anthony 1/3/17

    Dick's Auto Parts Gift Card Giveaway 12/19/16
    Prize 1: Dorothy Tokar
    Prize 2: Linda Sternaman
    Prize 3: Jori Dixon

    Once Upon a Child Sweepstakes 11/01/16
    Prize 1: Susan Kyle
    Prize 2: Jane Zuroff
    Prize 3: Tracy Corzine

    Clothes Mentors' Sweepstakes 11/01/16
    Prize 1: Jami Cesavice
    Prize 2: Joanna Taylor
    Prize 3: Melissa Moffitt

    The Lerner Theatre's What Maic Trick Are You 10/03/16
    Amanda Ward

    Culver & Lake Maxinkuckee Visitor Center's Fall Fest Giveaway 10/03/16
    Shelly Wooldridge

    The Lerner Theatre's Which Show Are You 9/22/16
    Prize 1 - Jennifer Becraft
    Prize 2 - Don Stephic
    Prize 3 - Kelly Newman

    Notre Dame vs. Michigan State ticket giveaway in the How Notre Dame Are You Quiz 9/13/16
    Prize Winner - Mark Havard

    The Gateway Mile's What Restaurant Are You 9/1/16
    Prize 1 - Martha Kaz
    Prize 2 - LaTonya Griffin
    Prize 3 - Trina Farmer

    The Hoosier Lottery's Enter to Win Wheel of Fortune Scratch-Offs 08/15/16
    Lynn Grate
    Jennifer Wade
    Shawn St. Germain
    Elizabeth Berkey
    Stacy DeMauro

    Dick's Auto Parts Can You Identify The Car Parts 8/8/2016
    1st Prize: Steve Accuosti
    2nd Prize: Emily Jenkinson

    The Centre PC's Get Pampered Giveaway 7/21/2016
    1st Prize: Todd Wyatt

    YMCA's What Fitness Class Should You Take 7/21/2016
    1st Prize: Chad Stephenson
    2nd Prize: Charlie Hanna
    3rd Prize: Andrew Walsh

    Linton's Enchanted Gardens $200 Gift Certificate 5/30/2016
    1st Prize: Sandra Northcutt

    Ridge NAPA Auto Parts Win a Night at the South Bend Cubs Ballpark 5/25/2016
    1st Prize: Stacy DeMauro
    2nd Prize: Danny Anglemyer
    3rd Prize: James Smith

    Ginger Valley Spring Has Sprung Contest 5/20/2016
    1st Prize: Susan Webb
    2nd Prize: Kandis Morwood
    3rd Prize: Victor Shields

    Dick's Auto Parts Contest 2/29/2016
    1st Prize: Amy Hodgson
    2nd Prize: Travis Ball
    3rd Prize: Lori Hutson

    Brit Floyd Ticket Giveaway 3/3/2016
    Joe Feole
    Scott Fodness
    Kimberly Henderson
    Michelle Krieger
    Jackie White

    Valentine's Day Weekend in Culver 2/5/2016
    Rachel Pudlo

    Once Upon a Child Scared of Santa Photo Contest 12/21/2015
    Taylor Hampton

    Rockin' the Holidays with POLYWOOD All Weather Furnishings 12/11/2015
    Traci Myers

    Dick's Auto Parts Contest 12/1/2015
    1st prize- Rick Catron
    2nd prize- Sherry DePoy
    3rd prize- Michael Schmanski

    Monteith's Best One Tire & Auto Center Guess Michiana's 1st Snowfall Contest 11/21/2015
    Elizabeth Mendoza

    Goshen College iPad Contest 11/13/2015
    Paige Freet

    Martin's Paw Mart Pet Halloween Costume Contest 11/2/2015
    Shark Attack "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat" - Kaitlyn Smale

    Free Time Kids Playcare Kids Halloween Costume Contest 11/2/2015
    River Wonka's Chocolate Factory - Laura Magliozzi

    Fly South for the Winter South Bend International Airport 11/2/2015
    Jena Kennedy

    Win an Overnight Trip to Culver & Lake Maxinkuckee 11/2/2015
    Joy Morrison

    COLD HARD CASH: Guess the first day the temperature falls below zero.
    Kim Brugh

    SB CUBS TICKETS 3/11/2015
    Josh Johnson
    Russell Turner
    Tom Manley
    Megan Burnett

    SB CUBS HATS 3/11/2015
    Kayla Walters
    Karen Krajecki
    Cyndi Blakley
    Pat Griffith

    SB CUBS T-SHIRTS 3/11/2015
    Brenda Kabowski
    Jane Beard
    DeSiree McDougal
    Anthony Papoi

    Bracket Buster Challenge 2015 Winner
    Mike Hardy

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