BK Outstanding Student Athlete: SB Adams' Tre Gray

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Senior wide receiver Tre Gray has had the heart rates of Eagles fans racing all season, despite their 2-5 record.

"I love the oohs and aahs of a touchdown," said Gray. "That alone sets the tempo for the rest of the game. It'll get the sidelines hype or the cheerleaders hype, or the crowd hype, get our hearts pumping, the adrenaline going."

Gray has 4 TDS on the year so far and is ranked 3rd in the state in both receptions, with 53 and yardage 969.

With that number, he's also in the 30 nationwide among high school football players

But those big plays aren't how he describes himself as a player.

"I would use that word -- dedicated, " said Gray. "If I really want something, I'll get it. I really want an All-State and I had to grind during practice during games in order to achieve it, and so that's what I did."

"His hands are phenomenal," said Coach Jones. "He has one of the quickest accelerations you can have in this game. He brings a dynamic element to the field in our offense."

His dream is to bring that element to the next level.

Tre hopes to continue playing football in college. He's just looking for someone to give a 5 ft 9 in receiver that chance.

"We had Gehrig Dieter some years ago, where a lot of the guys questioned his speed asking 'Could he play at the elite levels?'" said Jones. "He went on to show them and played with a chip on his shoulder that he could. He has the elite speed, but he doesn't have the elite size. So, he's playing with a chip on his shoulder and week after week he's taking hits and making plays."

"I felt underrated because of the offers or scouts who weren't looking at me," said Gray. "I really want to make a statement this year."

"He's a dynamic, dynamic receiver," said Jones. "The most dynamic receiver in the state in my opinion. You know if he was 6"4', you'd have everybody kicking down his door, but he's an undersized receiver that's been doing his thing for a long time. He's going to continue to do great things on the gridiron and in the classroom."

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