Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Edwardsburg's Tre Harvey

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We are down to the final four teams per class in high school football.

We still have several teams vying for a chance to play championship week, one of those being undefeated Edwardsburg, led by a workhorse who rarely leaves the field.

Here's more on Tre Harvey, our Outstanding Student Athlete of the Week.

“On offense, I'm supposed to be a magician, not so much a quarterback,” said Tre Harvey. “Throwing the ball and it goes here it goes there. It’s more like, I want you not to see the ball the whole time and that's what my position is designed to do. When I'm running out doing my fakes, if one player doesn't go with me, I'm not doing my job correctly."

Tre Harvey is listed on the Edwardsburg roster as their QB and DB, but 'magician' is probably more fitting because he's managed to pull 15 TD's and couple of interceptions out of his hat.

"Tre's a competitor, he not only plays at the defensive back position for us, but we'll move him to an outside linebacker,” said Kevin Bartz. “He's got that type of versatility, and with what he has to do at quarterback with carrying out the fakes, he gets tired out there. He keeps working the whole time and that's what we look for from Tre. I think we're going to have to leave him out on the field as much as we can."

Harvey will likely be on the field most of the Eddies game this Saturday

Four a fourth consecutive year, Edwardsburg is playing for in the D4 semifinals.

"It's not just another game -- it's the final four,” said Harvey. “We should prepare for it like a final four. I know I can be calm and we can do this because we've been here before and it's not even coming from the coaches, it's coming from the players coming back from last year. We know this is where we wanted to be with our goal and we're actually one step away from it."

The last step is Grand Rapids Catholic Central, the team that left the Eddies with the state runner-up status last November in a 42-31 thriller.

"I'm confident,” said Harvey. “We have film on them and we know what we can do. We have film from last year, we know the mistakes that we made, but I know myself from looking back on film. There were a couple of different things that I wish I could've done that I feel like I left back on the field, so just correcting those little things, I feel like we can prevail."

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