Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Benton Harbor's Carlos Johnson

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He may only be 15 years old and has the nickname 'Scooby', but don't let that fool you, Carlos Johnson plays far beyond his years.

Benton Harbor Head Coach Corey Sterling said, "He's very smart. He's an offensive re-bounder defensive re-bounder. He. Do so much more than just scoring. You know he's a 15 year old kid playing like Mr. Basketball."

Johnson is the only sophomore on the Tigers' roster this year, but you'd never know he's the only underclassmen in their lineup.

"We've got to kind a lead each other. I've got to pick everyone up to just become a better player. You know everybody on the court just be helping one another," said Johnson.

Senior leader Dennie Brown said, "We really don't count him as an underclassman. We've been playing with him since elementary so he fits right in, sometimes we think he's a senior just as old as we are."

That maturity has come in handy in his sophomore season. Carlos led the team in points an rebounds per game, helping Benton Harbor win their 2nd straight regional championship. But Carlos knows he's far from a finished product on the court.

Sterling said, "He just needs to continue to develop. You know he came a long way from last year to this year, we are looking for him to lead the team next year when these seniors leave."

"Just to be a faster, better IQ person, handle the pressure, take bigger shots and you know learn the guard roll so I can impact my team," added Johnson.

Learning something new seems to be no problem for the sophomore phenom, Johnson holds a 4.02 GPA in the classroom and has his eyes on studying and playing in the Big Ten and beyond.

"Education comes first always, but you know I'm hoping to get into a Big Ten school get an offer and keep playing ball in college and hopefully make it to the NBA," said Johnson.

Up next for Benton Harbor is the Class B State Semifinals against River Rouge this Friday at 5:30pm ET for the Class B State Semifinals.

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