Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Concord's Grant Magnuson

Grant Magnuson takes a break on the sideline during his senior season // WSBT 22 Photo

"Once we get off the field, he's my brother. But when he's on the field, I'm going to coach him just as hard as the guys next to him. Right now, it's football season. and we have some goals to achieve."

Concord's Offensive Line Coach, Kyle Magnuson is all business. The former lineman at the University of Wyoming returned to Dunlap, IN to coach one of the toughest high school lines in the state, which includes his little brother, Grant Magnuson.

The youngest Magnuson in the Concord program said, "Ever since I've been little, he's always coached me. He's my role model. I kind of wanted to be like him growing up and He really just makes our whole team, our whole offensive line better. I definitely want to make him proud."

Grant has grabbed the attention of opposing teams and college scouts along the way, along with collecting All-NLC and All-State honors in his junior season last year.

Head Coach Craig Koehler said. "He's started 28 ball games, 29th start on Friday. So, it starts there. He knows what it takes, he's been in the environment a bunch. And then when you throw on top of that the fact that he's an outstanding person, a great student, he's a kid of character, he comes from a great family, and he's got some lineage he comes from and he's been around it. He's the kind of kid that makes coaching fun."

"I would say probably his biggest strength is he's listed in the roster at probably about 280-285. He's about 330. And he can move. You don't see 330 pound lineman that can actually move the way he does," Kyle added, "The sky is the limit for him."

When the season ends, Grant has a big choice to make: where to play college football. But first, he's focused on leading the Minutemen against undefeated Northridge, with the conference title on the line.

Grant looked ahead to Fridays big game and said, "I think we're just clicking right now. Playing together and for each other. But right now, it's just Concord football."

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