Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Culver Academy's Trey Galloway


"When you have a player that is willing to listen and learn, I think that is a huge quality."

And when you have a dad who's been a high school basketball coach for your entire life, you learn how to listen at a very young age. Just like Trey Galloway.

"When he was 3-years-old one of my assistants leaned over and said you know not many 3-year-olds are doing what he's doing. He was just sitting there watching practice. He wasn't playing with any toys or blocks or whatever 3-year-olds play with. He was just watching."

From a young kid watching from the sidelines, to making his mark in the game, Galloway has quickly become one of the top sophomore talents in the state of indiana, averaging 15 points, 5 rebounds and two assists for CMA this season. The key to his success..his maturity, which he traces back to his days as a spectator.

"I'd say I'm just an all-around player. Im able to know the game, I feel like with my basketball IQ. I just know the game pretty well. I've grown up with a lot of players I've seen play. So I feel like I've got that maturity thing from a lot of good players that he's coached in the past."

And that maturity was on display in the sectional title game. Galloway and his team battled back from a 10 point fourth quarter deficit to win the program's third-ever sectional title and advance to the regional, but Trey wants to take it a step further for his team and his coach who sparked his passion for the game.

"It would mean a lot. I saw him get to the state championship his first year at Culver. It was tough to see him lose that in his first year here and my teammates, we've all had this as a goal in mind since we lost last year in the regional. So that's been one of our biggest goals."

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