Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Edwardsburg's Caden Goggins


On Saturday, Edwardsburg found themselves on a field they’ve played before at their fourth go-around in the MHSAA semifinals.

The story of Eddies clawing their way through the post season all the out of the semi-finals couldn’t be told without junior Caden Goggins.

Head Coach Kevin Bartz said, “Caden’s got a combination of good sense and he runs extremely well. We’ve played him mostly at fullback, but we can put him in at half back, and midway through the season we realized he’s a pretty good defensive back as well, We like him back returning kicks and punts for us because he’s got good speed. So, he can do a little bit of everything for us. And he’s been very key in getting us to where we’re at right now.”

In Saturday’s Division 4 semifinal game, Edwardsburg trailed in the second quarter but handed Goggins the ball. He ran in an eight yard touchdown that cut the River Rouge lead to a single score.

Bartz added, “He’s been one of those who has made big plays for us throughout the year. He’s a 'give me my assignment coach and let me go and I’ll get it done'.”

Then the Eddies took the lead in the third quarter, forcing the Panthers to go to the air. But Edwardsburg’s defense and Goggins stepped up once again.

“Going into halftime we knew we’d have to step up the second half and our defense did a great job shutting them out second half. That kid, he had caught a few balls on me already so I thought it was going to come back to me and when I saw it coming. I just went up for it and made a play on it and got the turnover," said Caden Goggins.

The Eddies never looked back, marching their way to their programs first-ever state finals.

Goggins said, “It was amazing, knowing we’re the first team in school history to do this. To get the opportunity to play at Ford Field is just amazing.“I mean the Lions are my favorite team so to play on their home field is going to be a great opportunity. The first ones to win a state championship, I want to be remembered as part of that team.”

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