Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Marian's Isabella Ravotto

Ravotto leads the Knights and the NIC as she closes in on 300 kills in her junior season // WSBT 22 Photo

The Marian Volleyball team is currently ranked seventh in the state in Class 3A. A big reason for their success has been the play of outside hitter Isabella Ravatto

"I always loved the thought of hitting so hard and everyone gets so fired up in the gym," Marian Junior Isabella Ravotto added, "I remember watching my sister and I just loved that feeling. I loved watching it, so I wanted to try it out. And then I just practiced and practiced and here I am, still doing it."

Doing it well. Ravotto leads the Knights and the NIC as she closes in on 300 kills in her junior season thus far. But these numbers do not come as a surprise to her or her coach, because she's been waiting for these moments almost her entire life.

Marian Head Coach, Dan Anderson said, "She's watched our program for a long time. She's been a gym baby since way back when, and she knew volleyball was her forte."

Ravotto added, "I just kind of caught onto the game pretty young and then I've had really great club coaches that have helped me along the way. Dan and Steve Anderson, they have helped me since I was so little, and I honestly was just so excited to play for high school and now here I am."

While Bella praises her mentors, her coach is thankful for her skill-set in a year with lots of position turnover for the Knights.

"She's dependable. She's a dependable player and all of her skills are great and whatever you ask her to do, she can do. Her edge is being competitive and having the skill to back it up," Anderson said.

Her teammates were in agreement as well.

"Having Bella on the outside is so great because she's so reliable," senior setter Kelsey Ketcham added, "I know she's going to do something smart with the ball, whether she rolls it, or tips it, or hits it as hard as she can, she's going to score. I know I can trust her."

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