Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Marian's Meghan Urbanski

Marian's Meghan Urbanski named Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete // WSBT 22 Photo

"You have to be very very special to score 1,000 points in high school basketball and Megan is definitely one of those special kids," said Head Coach Steve Scott.

Several weeks into her senior season, Meghan Urbanski reached the 1,000 point milestone as a Marian 4-year letter winner.

Urbanski said, "I'm glad i could leave a mark on this school."

Scott said, "It says that she's been very good from her freshman year on, and she's gotten better every year. Because in order to score 1,000 points you need to score 300-400 points a year. You are what every team is shooting to stop, so she's obviously worked hard to make herself better."

Urbanski added, "It was a great achievement, It's a great goal to go for. I'm in the gym constantly, I've always just had a great passion. My dad, I've got to give credit to him, he's always working with me. We're a basketball family. You know we go home, live, breathe basketball."

Steve Scott is Marian's 4th coach in as many years, and over that time, Urbanski has had a big hand in keeping her team on track.

"Megan's always stepped up willingly. She's a voice in the huddle, she's a voice at practice, she's a voice in the film room. I think she's just steady and solid. If her outside shot isn't falling, she drives, or she gets her other teammates involved, or she takes a charge or plays better defense, grabs some rebounds. She does something that's going to help us move on."

With that she has helped lead the Knights to their best start in more than a decade, and now, she's shooting towards a great finish.

"Ever since I've been playing as a little kid, there's never been any off days, always in the gym working. Throughout eighth grade, I realized, Marian needs some players and we made it happen," Urbanski added, "End goal, you know that state run. I think that's every players' goal out there, but I definitely think we have a team this year that could make that happen."

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