Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: New Prairie's Nick Wilson


Few players in the state will have a better game than the one Senior Quarterback Nick Wilson had last week when he carried for four touchdowns and passed for a fifth.

Wilson has been preparing for his opportunity under center for a very long time.

He became a part of the New Prairie football family well before he put the Cougar jersey on four years ago.

"I’ve been around from teams that are 1-7 to going down to the state championship my freshman year," says Wilson. "So, I've been through it all and kind of learned through every situation what it takes to win and be a competitor and play with a lot of passion,” Wilson said.

When he finally got his chance, Wilson came into a unique role on the Cougar offense as a huge dual threat under center.

In his first starting season in command he rushed for over 1,600 yards for 20 touchdowns plus 1,000 yards and 11 more scores through the air.

He's picked up right where he left off for his final season, tacking on five more rushing touchdowns in the first two games this year.

He's rushed for over 1,900 yards for 26 touchdowns plus 1,100 yards and 12 scores through the air.

"I expect him to score, give us hype during games-- making our whole entire offense way better,” said offensive lineman Brian Sparkman. “Whenever he gets a big run, we all get jacked, and that O-Line just gets an extra push. But I just feel like he gets our team up and going. He's the sparkplug to our team and program. It starts with him. Everything starts with him first and then we all feed off of him."

"You just have to play, how you know how to play and keep close with your team," says Wilson.

"Being a competitor and playing with a lot of fire and going out there doing anything you can, sacrificing yourself just to win."

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