Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Niles' Davin Simpson

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Niles Wrestling has slowly been climbing up the Michigan rankings this season, sitting in the top ten in the state. But the team never thought that they would be watched by millions of people from around the world, not until 160 pound Davin Simpson pulled off an unorthodox pin in his senior night match.

"It was crazy because I got in a situation where I didn't know exactly what to do. I had the kids leg up and then I heard the crowd saying, 'Sit! Sit!' and so I sat down. And it worked," Simpson added, "The kid didn't know what to do, I didn't know what I was doing, I was just sitting there. then, he called a pin and I look over at Coach Hesson and he wasn't exactly the happiest about it because he'd rather see me do technique and actual moves, but he's coming to like it a little more."

Since that meet at Niles High School, the video of Simpson has gone viral, being shared across social media platforms, wrestling sites and more.

Head Coach Todd Hesson said, "Looking back, it was fun. It was good for our team, good for wrestling. You know at the time, I was like if we're going to go viral I wish it would be for something a little more orthodox type of wrestling instead of sitting on somebody....but it works! It was good for our program. He's handled it really well."

Simpson said, "I had a couple coaches come up to me today and say like, 'Okay who's the star?' So, it's been fun and everyone got a nice laugh out of it, and it was a good way to go out on senior night."

Simpson knows that his "sit-pin" will likely go down in the history books at Niles, but he has a lot more to show for from his wrestling career.

"Davin Simpson is a typical Niles wrestler in my mind. He's paid his dues, he wasn't an all star coming in, he wasn't a starter when he was a freshman, and he's worked his way through our teams. He's put in the work, the off season work, the weight lifting, and last year was a state qualifier and is having a great senior year," Hesson added, "He's a great leader, he's very quiet, does what he's supposed to and leads by example."

Simpson said, "I figure I'll probably be known as the sit-pin guy for a while, but I want to see a finals appearance from our team because we've yet to do that in school history and that'd be huge for me as a senior."

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