Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Penn's Maya Lacognato

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"We are the Penn Kingsmen. We can win another state championship. I feel like teams should be a little scared of us. Because we are going to be coming at them hard," said Maya Lacognato.

Penn girls soccer was the top high school program in the nation last year. And at the beginning of her senior season a couple of months ago, it had been two years since Maya Lacaganato and the Kingsmen had lost a game.

But in August, the 2-time defending state champions fell, snapping their 50-game win streak.

"I was really upset when we lost, but I know that losing early in the season showed us that it's better now than in the tournament, and it showed us what we need to work on," Lacognato added, "And I guess it showed everyone in the community that we are human. By losing it made us a stronger team."

The Kingsmen are playing with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. And now that National High School player of year Kristina Lynch and Brooke Van Dyck are off playing in college it's time for Lacagnato to lead the way.

Head coach Jeff Hart said, "What we didn't lack is leadership. This senior class, is truly our best class that has come through here top to bottom,"

Lacognato said, "Everyone has been saying, Penn's not good this year, they lost great players. So, to prove everyone wrong saying 'hey, we are a good team.' With everyone leaving, I felt like I needed to step up a little bit, and getting the team hype in pregame is how I show my leadership and do my part in helping us get back to state championship."

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