Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Plymouth's Blake Reed

Plymouth's Blake Reed rushed for 223 yards last week with two touchdowns to lead the Rockies to a win over rival Warsaw // WSBT 22 Photo

Plymouth Football heads into this week still undefeated on the season. During those three wins, the Rockie offense rushed for some of the longest runs in the state.

WSBT 22's Olivia Ray tells us more about Blake Reed, one of the Rockies ball carriers.

"He can run, he can catch, and he can block. He's a really unselfish kid and this past week, the defense we were playing against gave us a fullback and we kept giving it to them," said Head Coach John Barron.

In his sophomore season Blake Reed started at the linebacker position but has since found a home on the other side of the ball. The now junior fullback rushed for 223 yards last week with two touchdowns to lead the Rockies to a win over rival Warsaw.

Coach Barron said, "He's a guy that wanted to be an offensive player, he was a good outside player for us last year, but he understood his role and where he was and the development of our offense and the development of our players. But he was chomping at the bit to play fullback. He's all in. He was pretty excited about the opportunity to be able to score some touchdowns and utilize his skill set."

Reed is also a sprinter for the Plymouth Track and Field program, which is where he works on his explosive speed. In his three starts this year he's already rushed for 432 yards and four scores for the Rockies.

Reed said, "The first thing I think about it is I just want to get to the end-zone and I mean our O-line is physical. They're blocking their butts off every game and that's good for me."

The Rockies are 3-0 headed into this Friday's NLC matchup against Northridge, who is also undefeated. The game will kick-off at 7:00 pm.

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