Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Plymouth's Nate Patterson


Like it has many times before, the high jump event came down to Nate Patterson and the bar. And like so many times before, Nate dominated beat the bar.

At the Northern Lakes Conference meet, Patterson broke the record he set as a junior by jumping 7-feet-1 inch.

"I broke it my sophomore year, my junior year and now my senior year, three years in a row." said Patterson, "It's awrsome to me just to come to these meets and be acknowledged for the things that I've been doing, it's just unreal and was never something that I would expect."

But after three years of setting the bar, expectations have risen. Patterson has his sights fixated on the state record which can only be set at the IHSAA state track and field meet. The record currently stands at 7-foot-1.25 inches set in 1980. Its a mark that seems completely achievable for Patterson who has leapt 7-foot-2 inches three times in his senior season, but Nate wants to aim even higher.

"I really want this state record. That is what I;ve been going for every single meet this season. Whether its cold conditions out and I just jumped 6 fot 4 to win i'll just skip to 7 foot 3 and a half just for the experience of trying to get it."

There is more to jumping 7-foot-3 than the experience. It's also the current mark to recieve an invitation to the U.S. Olympic trials. A spot on the national team is not far from Patterson's mind.

"Its right there and its just something that I really got to practice because, jumping 7-3 would get me the state record but it would also take me to new heights and get me to do things I've never done ."

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