Will Irish offense get on track for North Carolina

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The Irish men lost for the first time in ACC play last night, dropping to 3-1 in the conference, with a 60-53 loss at Georgia Tech.

Without Bonzie Colson & Matt Farrell in the lineup, and with Rex Pflueger battling the stomach flu, the Irish struggled to score.

They managed just 53 points, which is their 2nd lowest output of the season.

They did get career-highs though, 11 points from John Mooney and 16 from Martinas Geben.

But Mike Brey also knows the execution has to be better on offense for the Irish to win games, starting this weekend against North Carolina.

"We had open looks in both of the last two games in the first half where we really struggled offensively. We're going to have to make some of those to win. I mean we were fortunate enough to somehow figure it out and play good enough defense on Saturday, but last night, scoring in the 50s, you're either going to be in a close game or you're going to get blown out," Head Coach Mike Brey added, "Now, last time we played here without both of them for pretty much the whole game, we were better offensively. We were in a better offensive rhythm here. So, hopefully we can back to scoring better here, back at home."

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