Notre Dame prepping for Cotton Bowl


The Fighting Irish football team is under a month away from playing on the second biggest stage in college football.

The only thing bigger would be the title game.

But are the Irish ready for the spotlight? It's a fair question..

Brian Kelly's teams have not played so well in settings like this in the past.

There was the 2012 beatdown by Alabama in the title game and, more recently, then Number 3 Notre Dame took on Miami in a top 10 game last year and got embarrassed 41-8.

Those big moments are not lost on coach Kelly, who said he feels his team is better prepared now to handle the big stage of the semi-final.

"We've done a much better job over the last year and a half in preparing for that," he said. "So I just think that we're further along, I'm better at it in terms of helping our kids with it the whole episode with the Miami thing where it was such a big moment and I thought we were ready for it, you know the playoff environment is similar to that and so I want to make sure that we handle it in a similar fashion. I want to take some of the precautions or some of the steps necessary to make sure that when we flip to a game kind of mentality that they're ready for you know what may happen in that kind of environment."

The Irish will take on Clemson on December 29th in the Cotton Bowl.

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