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Notre Dame's run game: Who's stepping up to carry the ball?

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It's no question that Notre Dame's elite run-game led them to that 10-win status last year.

But with Heisman candidate Josh Adams gone to the NFL and the next in line experience-wise likely out for the start of the season questions are looming: Who's going to carry the ball September 1?

There's no shortage of athletes who can fill the holes and add some depth to the position group.

In fact, with a little creativity, the Irish will likely depend on a whole handful of backs this season.

Chip Long and the rest of the offensive staff cross-trained several of their athletes such as QB Avery Davis and especially wide-receiver Jafar Armstrong.

Armstrong looks like he'll get his fair share of touches/ Brian Kelly calls him a "dual-threat" kind of guy who can also line up in the slot.

Needless to say, he's impressed everyone through the first week of fall camp.

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