Penn's Brooke VanDyck skips senior year, seeks new challenge at Notre Dame

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What started out as a hypothetical conversation, turned into a plan.

Penn star soccer player Brooke VanDyck initially planned on graduating a semester early, but all it took was a talk with new Notre Dame Head women's soccer Coach Nate Norman to rethink her idea for her senior season.

"We talked about it with Nate(Norman) and he brought up the idea and I did too, because we were joking around and saying why can't I just come now? Can I come now? and he was like really?" said VanDyck.

After realizing graduating early and joining the Notre Dame roster a season earlier than she expected, Van Dyck sprung into action. The spunky mid-fielder had to take a few online classes to make sure she had the course requirements to walk with Penn's 2018 class. Then it was about navigating the often challenging NCAA eligibility clearing house, but all of the extra work was worth it in the eyes of VanDyck, who was seeking the next, even bigger challenge.

"I love new challenges, Ice always been playing up with boys and girls and just being able to come tot he school of my dreams and take on that new challenge. I just thought it was perfect for me."

While VanDyck isn't able to fully enroll at Notre Dame until the fall semester, the star who led Penn to two state championships will live at home and participate in optional workouts with her new team all in an effort to make a contribution come the regular season.

"I'd say just to help out as best I can, It doesn't matter where that is or what position how I am with the team. I just want to be as best I can with this team and win no matter what."

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