South Bend Cubs fans find ways to beat the heat at Four Winds Field

The splash pad at Four Winds Field saw a lot of traffic Friday night // WSBT 22 photo

Many of you are staying inside tonight and tomorrow, but some couldn't resist America's favorite pastime! The heat isn't stopping some from rooting for the South Bend Cubs!

Thousands of people made their way to Four Winds Field Friday night to watch the South Bend Cubs take on the Dayton Dragons. And while there's no denying it's hot, some found creative ways to beat the heat.

“We thought we'd come up and enjoy summer baseball,” said fan Sarah Downing.

“I figured I’d finish the day out with a little sun and a little Cubs game,” said Glenn Philips.

And while normally all eyes are on the field, it seemed the splash pad stole the show.

"Knowing that it was really hot out we brought some extra water, brought the kids bathing suit so that they could play around in the splash pad knowing that they would be miserable otherwise,” said Katrina Gregg.

“It’s the summertime,” said Downing. “We knew they had a splash pad. So the kids wore their swim trucks and we headed straight here and you know he's playing and having a fun time."

"The water is freezing!” 8-year-old Aaron Gregg told WSBT 22.

South Bend Cubs President Joe Hart says they've been preparing for these undeniably hot temps this weekend, rolling out extra water and making sure all the fountains work.

So far, so good.

"We won’t cancel the game,” Hart said. “Everything will be scheduled regardless of what the temperatures get to."

He says if you do feel light-headed, though, or just not right – let them know,

“We will take them into the A/C. We'll make sure we are taking care of them, because at the end of the day fan safety is the most important.”

And though some may not love the heat, their love for family and baseball keeps them coming back.

“I personally don't like the heat, but my family likes it so I'm out here with them,” said Phillips.

"The weather was pretty cold and nasty in the April and early may, so I would absolutely rather have this versus what we were dealing with,” said Hart.

Hart says they do have extra medical personnel on hand in case anyone suffers from dehydration or heat exhaustion. And they're letting people take in their own water throughout the weekend.

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