Book, Irish unfazed by underdog status against Clemson

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Notre Dame held its final practice on campus today before they meet Clemson in the Cotton Bowl.

Afterwards, Brian Kelly sent his team home for a three-day holiday and they will meet up in Dallas on Sunday.

Their next practice will be inside AT&T Stadium.

We had a chance to speak with Irish QB Ian Book a few days ago.

There's a lot of pressure on Book's shoulders as he tries to lead Notre Dame's offense against a Clemson defense that ranks in the top three in several different categories.

He knows his guys are the underdogs, but he's certainly not fazed by it.

"Our whole team knows that and there's always doubters and there's always a lot of people who hate Notre Dame,” said Book. “That's just how it’s going to be. There's always a big target on your back here when you come to play at Notre Dame. We're all just going to use that to fuel us and we're going to be confident about it. Among our team, we know that we belong there and we're going to prove that on the 29th."

To see more of our conversation with Ian Book, join us for our Notre Dame playoff special live from the Cotton Bowl on Friday, December 28 at 7 p.m.

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