Notre Dame women's basketball team arrives to a hero’s welcome


The Notre Dame women's basketball team is the best in the nation.

After their incredible win against Mississippi State, they were welcomed back home Monday with a rally.

As you can imagine, the team is on cloud nine.

The team arrived to a hero’s welcome on campus and a well-deserved one at that.

Each of the players and members of coaching staff made their way through a sea of fans, smiling and giving high-fives as they made their way to stage.

WSBT 22 spoke with them afterwards about that incredible welcome they received and most of them said it doesn't quite seem real just yet.

“I really feel like we have the best fans in the country. Notre Dame creates a family environment so we got to come back to our family which is great,” said Mabrey.

“It's amazing. Our fans are a big part of why we're here. They come to every home game energetic so I think it was exciting to come back and greet them. It hasn't set in yet really, but I think it will tonight when I lay down,” said Ogunbowale.

“It's so great to bring it home for Notre Dame. Just for everybody here who has supported me all these years. They've supported our team. They're the best fans in the country. Everybody across the country, I mean the joy of winning is sharing it with all our fans, all the people who have been there for us all these years. It's great to finally bring them something they can call a championship,” said McGraw.

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