BK Outstanding Student Athlete: Cassopolis' Tyrese Hunt-Thompson

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The Cassopolis football team puts its undefeated record on the line, when the Rangers host Centreville in the second round of the playoffs.

They'll looking to senior Tyrese Hunt-Thompson to lead the way.

"Tyrese is an unbelievable talent," said head coach Dan Purlee. "He's the most talented kid I've coached. This is my 19th season here and he brings a lot to the table on both sides of the ball. He's a big play waiting to happen."

Tyrese Hunt-Thompson has had his fair share of big plays in his senior season, with 25 total touchdowns including a pick six, three punt returns and two kick-off returns.

However, his impact on his Ranger team started several years back, before his sixteenth birthday.

"This is his third year as a varsity player and his sophomore year, we played a division 5 team in Berrien Springs," Purlee added. "They were a really good team and we beat them that year. He was the difference maker. The plays that he made were incredible and we knew right then that we had a great talent on our hands."

That year, he also led Cass to its first Division 7 Regional title in program history and a trip to the state finals. Last season, a loss in the regional finals cut the Rangers' playoff run short has left a bad taste in his mouth.

"We had a pretty good season, we went 10-1 or 11-1," said Thompson. "We had a good season but we could've gone further than what we did. We look for redemption this year."

That redemption continues this Friday when the Rangers get a rematch with Centreville and will look to Thompson to take the reigns.

"His impact is felt every time he touches the ball," said Purlee. "He averages almost three points a touch this season, so we like it when he has the ball. People follow him. When he's working hard, other guys are going to follow suit and he puts us in great position to be successful. We're thankful we have him on our side."

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