BK Outstanding Student Athlete: Marian's Jaden Ivey

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One local player has the exciting option of playing at Notre Dame: Marian High School junior Jaden Ivey.

Ivey has scholarship offers from several of the top college programs in the area -- including the Irish.

Trailing to the defending state champions, with several major Division I college coaches looking on, Jaden Ivey delivered for the Marian Knights.

"I was missing shots in the first half,” said Ivey. “They said ‘Keep shooting the ball,’ and I couldn't let my team down."

Thanks to a flurry of big shots in the fourth quarter from the junior, Marian was able to take down Culver Academy 39-38. It was a hallmark win for the Knights and a sign of growth for Ivey.

"He would back away from moments in the last couple years, and now he relishes these moments,” said Robb Berger. “He wants to make things happen and he wants to help us win games."'

“They beat us last year in the sectional championship and I was ready to get back out here tonight,” said Ivey. “We had Mike and Zach last year. They were the stars for that team last year, and this year, I stepped up. I stepped up big time. It’s the best feeling in the world, really."

The only feeling better than scoring 19 points and winning against a good team? Doing it with potential future coaches in the gym.

Purdue, Notre Dame and Butler have all shown interest in the junior guard.

"It's an unbelievable feeling to know that you're getting looked at by a division one college,” said Ivey. “I'm glad they came to this game. They were number one now were number one, so I’m glad I could perform to the highest level and I'm glad we won."

WSBT asked, "What kind of player do you think they would get in a Jaden Ivey?"

"He's going all for it,” replied Ivey. “He’s going all for it. When his team is down, he's going to be there to pick them up and he's going to hit those big time shots when you need them."

But Jaden will likely still have to hit some more big shots for the Knights if they want to accomplish their ultimate goal.

"The goal is to win,” said Ivey. “We want to get to the state championship. They came in here. They won a state championshjp and that is where we want to be at the end of the year. We want to be those number one champs."

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