Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete Award: Courtney Dunlap from Argos

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This week's outstanding student athlete started competing at a very young age. "My mom probably wouldn't approve, but in my living room we had an ottoman that was one goal and a little bench that had an opening in the bottom that was the other goal." Growing up on a farm helped her work ethic. It didn't matter what field it was. She afraid of getting her hands dirty. "I remember everybody else kind of playing around, but I was never playing around. All my friends would pick flowers on the soccer field. But I always wanted to score and stuff."

With a name like Court, you'd expect her to be good on a basketball court. And she's had over a thousand points in her career. Argos Head Coach Gary Teel said, "From the time she was small like you said she had something special. And you could see that special thing that she had when I came here 5 years ago. She's a game changer." She had 4 goals in a game earlier this year in soccer. Pretty impressive for a girl who is the school's all-time assist leader. Dunlap said, "Yeah I've had some pretty good finishers on my team, so that's helpful."

She's proof that kids from a small town can make a big difference. Teel said, "She's a player. Courtney Dunlap is the real deal. She wants to play college basketball and has a chance to be an Indiana All Star. But that's not her goal. Last year she led her team to the state finals. Now she wants more. "I'm ready to win state next year. Not just go there."

This kid's a perfectionist. "I think I have one B on my transcript." You think? "I do have one B for sure." What was it in? "Chemistry" . Her coach said, "She'd study Chemistry on the way home from some of the basketball games. And she'd be getting out her vocabulary and things like that." Dunlap said, "Still irks me to this day"

From playing in her living room to the state's biggest basketball stage. She's prepared for these moments. And usually when nobody's watching. When asked if she had any regrets about putting so much time into her sports she said, "No. You can never regret working hard and winning. You can only regret not working hard and losing."

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