Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Northridge's Brooke McKinley


Brooke McKinley will go down as one of the best basketball players in Northridge History

"She is the best basketball player to ever come out of Northridge high school. Not only a great basketball player, but she's a great teammate, she's unselfish, she's great in the classroom, and she's revitalized our entire community. We have a ton of little girls that want to be Brooke McKinley. She's just all about Lady Raider basketball and trying to make our program the best that it can be," said Doug Springer.

"It definitely is surreal. To think that younger kids look up to me. Middlebury is a very close-knit community and to say that I've affected the lives of them and then maybe the younger girls looking up, because I was once that little girl looking up to the players, and I know how much that meant to me. But to me to think that someone is looking up to me and use me as motivation to better themselves. That means a lot," said McKinley.

Brooke McKinley has become a household name in Middlebury, but her name will also be all over the record books at Northridge High School.

McKinley became the first female to score over 1,000 points for her career as a Raider and ended high school ball holding the single season, and career records for points scored, 3 point baskets made and assists.

"It was hard. There was times that I thought about giving up because it's just, I guess I couldn't see the end goal. But now looking back, I wouldn't have traded it for anything. It's cool to say that I hold those records and that it's something that I accomplished with people helping me and then me pushing myself also," said McKinley.

McKinley led the Raiders to 3 straight NLC Championships and for McKinley's last game as a Raider.

They fell in an extremely close sectional semifinal

"There's nothing to hang our heads about. I like to sit back and think about what our team has accomplished, and more about the relationships I've formed with the girls on the team. Because looking back, no one's going to remember how many points you scored. It's just about how you impacted other people's lives," said McKinley.

"It's not going to end with Lady Raider basketball for Brooke McKinley. Brooke McKinley is set to do unbelievable things in life. She's going to go to Grand Valley. And there's no doubt in my mind and my heart that she's going to change their program and their coaches like she changed me. And when she leaves Grand Valley and goes into coaching, she's going to impact and change young girl's lives," said Springer.

"I still have a lot of room to grow in with basketball. I'm not done yet, I'll probably get back in the gym tomorrow and keep working, honestly, and keep working on my game. There's high expectations but I'll just look for it as a challenge and go from there," said McKinley.

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