Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Northridge's Sara Troyer

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One of the top prep divers in Indiana, competes for Northridge High School.

While a state title next month, is top on Sara Troyer's immediate list of goals, much bigger things may be in her future.

Head Diving Coach, Bob Burns said, "It seems like any time I give her something challenging to adapt to, she certainly responds. Ultimately, when she sees those results, she sees it as a positive and really enjoys that."

As a junior, Troyer finished third in the state diving meet, a result that has sparked her to work even harder in her senior season.

Sara Troyer said, "Last year was awesome, it was a very intense meet. It was very exciting to be on that podium and see that whole packed crowd watching me. It was overwhelming, but it was really nice. It made me feel like I could do it, That I could be a top two finisher and get a banner this year."

Troyer's skill on the board has her diving coach aiming even higher.

"If she continues on her path and continues to love and embrace training and our sport, I don't see why she couldn't possibly qualify for an Olympic team. Out of the five Olympic dives that she would need, that people are generally throwing these days in the Olympics, she's got three of those five dives," said Burns.

Troyer added, "Honestly, when he started talking about it, I was just like, 'Are you sure you're talking to the right person?' When I first started diving, I never thought I'd be able to do these skills. So, when I started doing these dives, I thought well maybe. I'm starting to get the Olympic list, that the Olympians have, so it makes it more realistic and an actual achievable goal."

To help her get closer to reaching the National team, Troyer will dive collegiately at Nebraska, where she'll be learning from two-time Russian Olympian Natasha Chikina.

Troyer said, "I just have to have a plan. I have a plan with Bob, and I'll have a plan with Natasha at Nebraska. With her tools and knowledge, I think I'll be capable of doing that."

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