Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: Penn's Noah Applegate

WSBT 22 Photo

Noah Applegate got his first start at Penn High School his freshman year. Now a junior, Applegate is averaging a team high 23 points, and 6 rebounds per game.

Penn Head Coach Al Rhodes said, "He has improved each year that he's been playing. Not that many freshman really start every game, like he did. But this year, he's really turned a corner in terms of his defense and in terms of his rebounding and in terms of his leadership."

His transition into a team leader seems to have come natural for the forward. Applegate's father was a long-time girls basketball coach at SB St. Joe. Which means he's always had an extra set of eyes on his game.

"It's helped me so much because if I make a shot and it was a dumb shot because I have a bunch of people on me, or people are open, my dad knows that and will tell me. I recognize that," said Applegate.

With that help, Applegate has led the Kingsmen to their best start in three seasons.

Applegate said, "I just want the team to win. I want Penn High School to be respected as a basketball program around Indiana. So, I'll do whatever it takes to win."

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