Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: St. Joe's Keegan Sullivan


The St. Joe girls basketball team is the reigning state champs and off to an 8-2 start.

Their lone returning starter is leading the charge, as expected.

St. Joe's Keegan Sullivan looks back to her last game of her Freshman season which ended with a state title for both her and her older sister.

"It was sad that it would be our last game playing together, but we really enjoyed it and it went well obviously," said Sullivan.

The Tribe lost nearly their entire starting line-up to graduation except for the younger Sullivan who stepped back on the court for her sophomore season.

"But now I have a lot bigger leadership role as the only returning starter and also my sister leaving and taking her spot and stuff. It's just everyone has to take a step up and defend our state title too," said Sullivan. “It is difficult sometimes when you have to look them in the eye when they are older than you and you've always seen them play in high school, and now you're playing with them and you've had to be a teacher for them as well and them teaching you too, sometimes it's hard, but we work well together."

In the first half of the season she's had no trouble in command at number two in the NIC in scoring.

The underclassmen owes it all to her talented siblings.

"It's really fun playing with my sister, and I've always played with her through travel and everything and I really miss her but I knew this was coming,” said Sullivan. “How I got that communication role was from them, they taught me that at a young age and when I was practicing they would always help me with everything that I did wrong.”

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