Burger King Outstanding Student Athlete: St. Joe's Maddie Yergler

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"I've not had a better number 1 player than Maddie Yergler, without question. And I've had a few girls that have played Division I tennis."

Head Coach Bill Mountford added, This team is a very good team. You know I've had teams that were deeper, but I've never had a team this good at the top. that's for sure.

"And yes the results follow. We've made it to the state semifinals last year, two years ago we made it to the final match, and her freshman year we lost in semi-state. So, clearly even though one singles is only one point, it has an enormous effect on the rest of the team," said Mountford.

Those post-season milestones are extremely important to Yergler specifically, because they are the goals she set when she began her career at St. Joe

Now a senior at St. Joe, she has a couple more things to cross off her list.

Yergler said, "Personally I'm trying to make it to state as well. Team state is first, so hopefully we make it as far as we can, and then if I go undefeated, I'll go to individual state. So, I'm just hoping to go out with a bang for my senior year."

Yergler's fiercest competition will come this weekend. when the Indians face defending state champs, Cathedral.

Coach Bill Mountford: "But I would love to see Maddie see some of the fruits of her labor... I want her to be in the state title discussion, and I want her to continue to lead our team into a state round."

Yergler's dedication to the sport will continue in one of the top Division 1 tennis program's in our area

She will head to DePaul this coming fall.

"Well, the goal was always to get into a good school for college and continue playing the sport I love....Coach Ardizzone is just such a great coach and he's tough and he's going to push me and I'm going to get a lot better there. I just had an instant connection with the city and with the team," Yergler added, "I just want to do as best as I can in my division I sport and see where it takes me."

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