FOX Michiana Channel Lineup

    Beginning October 1 the only place you will find your favorite FOX programs are:

    Over the air - 22.2

    DISH - 28

    Direct TV - 23

    Comcast - 9 and 190

    Mediacom - 2

    AT&T - Channel 24 in SD and channel 1024 in HD

    Sister Lakes - 22.2

    Since August 1 the FOX Michiana signal has been simulcast on both WSBT 22.2 and WSJV 28.1 channels and their respective cable and satellite channels. That all ends on October 1.

    WSJV will start airing the Heroes and Icons network.

    The only station where viewers will find their favorite FOX programming like; Empire, The Simpsons, Family Guy, selected NFL games and the World Series (on FOX) is FOX Michiana - Digital 22.2.

    If your provider is not listed, you will need to contact them with any questions or concerns you may have.

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